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Professional commitment to the innovative development and industrial production of molecular raw material enzymes
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Established in 2012, Guangzhou Magigen Biotechnology Co., Ltd dedicates in IVD raw material innovations and manufactures, obtaining world-class position as IVD-related enzyme supplier.



Leading by senior scientific talents including members, the R&D team of Magigen also combines dozens of associate professors and postdoctoral researchers as our foundation for developing, producing, distributing specialty enzymes and designing IVD solutions.


The location in the International Bio Island in Guangzhou, China, serving as the head office and innovation developing center for Magigen. With its more than 2000 square meters of GMP-standard fermentation plant that meets the Third-class IVD products manufacturing regulations required by the National Medical Products Administration, Magigen able to satisfies the needs and techniques of producing, processing and packaging customized enzymes and IVD test kits.

  • 2012


    Was founded in

  • 2100

    Production space

  • 50


    Function room

  • 1000000


    Weekly capacity


Company technology platform

Business purpose

Protein expression platform

It has a large-scale production technology platform for recombinant proteins for prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems, which can realize the perfect scale-up of recombinant proteins from laboratory scale to production scale.

Quality policy

Directed evolution

The company has a cutting-edge, next-generation enzyme directed evolution platform that automates the continuous evolution of enzymes. Abundant rational mutation screening protein library and enzyme directed evolution platform

Enterprise spirit

Freeze drying process

The team has mastered advanced freeze-drying technology, and the raw enzymes and kits produced can be customized freeze-dried products, or systems suitable for freeze-drying. Freeze-dried products can be stored at room temperature without cold chain transportation


+86-20 34438810

(Service Hotline)


Tel: +86-20-34438810
Add:Unit 503-504, Building 3 Standard Property Unit 4, No.12 Luoxuan 3th Road, International Bio Island, Guangzhou, China

(Service Hotline)


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